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World Organization of People with Disabilities Chooses President for Latin America

The World Organization of People with Disabilities (OMPD), had its Latin American Regional Assembly in the Dominican Republic on May 11-15, 2000. 15 of its 18 member countries participated, and elected its new president for the Latin American Region on its final day of meetings. Elected was Teófilo Alarcón Rodríguez, from Dominican Republic.

In his acceptance speech, Alarcón stated that "everybody's collaboration is essential for all goals OMPD has can be reached in all countries and this organization continues to be strong and respected as an instrument to defend Human Rights and the struggle for passing national and international legislation to guarantee the integration and participation of peoples with disabilities in your communities."

For more information, contact OMPD:

Teófilo Alarcón Rodríguez
President, Latin American Region
Tel/fax 809-471-3239

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