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What's New for Women with Disabilities: Upcoming Conferences and New Resources
By Harilyn Rousso, Disabilities Unlimited (HarilynR@aol.com)

May 3, 2003, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Title: Revisiting Our Past and Planning For Our Future: A Girls and Women with Disabilities Conference

Location: Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT

Sponsor: Connecticut Women and Disability Network, Inc.

Description: The first statewide girls and women with disabilities conference held at SCSU in more than fifteen years. Several conference organizers are alumni and now members of the CT Women and Disability Network, a nonprofit dedicated to the empowerment of girls and women with disabilities. The conference will feature several keynote speakers, including Harilyn Rousso. A series of workshops will be offered on such topics as sexuality, women in business, independent living, and recreation and fitness.

Fee: $15 students, $20 general admission (includes lunch)

For further information, contact Maggie Carr, 203 284-8278, jcarr01@snet.net

(See also last issue of Disability World in the women's section for other 2003 conferences)

Title: Les Femmes Handicapees: dossier professional documentaire no. 11

Publisher: Centre Technique National d'Etudes et de Recherches sur les Handicaps et les Inadaptations (The National Technical Center for Studies and Research into Handicap and Impairment), Paris, France, 2002

Description: The leading disability research center in France has just published a 98 page report on the situation of women with disabilties, together with a bibliography of relevant studies. Available only in French, it covers sexuality, violence, sterilization, integration at the workplace, equalization of opportunities and associated statistical studies.

Title: Mental Health Issues for Sexual Minority Women: Redefining Women's Mental Health [book also appears as Vol. 7, No. 1 of Journal of Lesbian Studies]

Editors: Tonda L. Hughes, Carrol Smith, and Alice Dan

Publisher: Harrington Park Press, an imprint of The Haworth Press, Inc., 2003

Description: Includes an article by activists Corbett O'Toole and Allison Brown, "No Reflection in the Mirror: Challenges for Disabled Lesbians Accessing Mental Health Services." This essay explores the issues and barriers related to disabled lesbians accessing mental health services. It also examines how lesbians with disabilities have proactively networked, caring for each other through informal supports and creatively developing their own strategies and resources to meet mental health needs. It concludes with a discussion of new efforts toward greater visibility, successful strategies for mental health practitioners, and recommendations for further research.

Title: NWSA (National Women's Studies Association) Journal Special Issue on Feminist Disability Studies, Vol. 14, #2, Fall 2002

Editor: Kim Q. Hall

Publisher: Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN , http://iupjournals.org

journals@indiana.edu, 812-855-9449


  1. Kim Q. Hall, "Introduction: Feminism, Disability and Embodiment"
  2. Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, "Integrating Disability, Transforming Feminist Theory"
  3. Abby Wilkerson, "Disability, Sex Radicalism, and Political Agency"
  4. Ellen Samuels, "Critical Divides: Judith Butler's Body Theory and the Question of Disability"
  5. Ann M. Fox and Joan Lipkin, "Res(Crip)ting Feminist Theatre Through Disability Theatre: Selections from the DisAbility Project"
  6. Elizabeth J. Donaldson, "The Corpus of the Madwoman: Toward a Feminist Disability Studies Theory of Embodiment and Mental Illness"
  7. April Herndon, "Disparate but Disabled: Fat Embodiment and Disability Studies"
  8. Cindy LaCom, "Revising the Subject: Disability as Third Dimension in Clear Light of Day and You Have Come Back"
  9. Susannah B. Mintz, "Invisible Disability: Georgina Kleege's Sight Unseen"
  10. Karen Elizabeth Jung, "Chronic Illness and Educational Equity: The Politics of Visibility"
Title: Off Our Backs, Volume 32, Numbers 11&12 (November-December 2002) and Volume 3, Numbers 1&2 (January-February, 2003): both have a Special Section on Women with Disabilities

Publisher: http://www.offourbacks.org

Contents: Volume 32, numbers 11/12 (Nov/Dec)
  1. Susan Koppelman, "Thinking About Disability"
  2. Liz Sayce and Rachel Perkins, "'They Should Not Breed': Feminism, Disability and Reproductive Rights"
  3. Judith K. Witherow, "Card Carrying Member of Medicaid"
  4. Kelly Mack, "An Unfinished Body"
  5. Arlene Merryman, "White Cane Madness"
  6. Rebecca Myers-Spiers, "Cervical Cancer: suffering the sins of the abuser?"
  7. Pat Groves and Patricia Murphy, "Disability and Nudity: Can All Womyn Find Comfort at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival?"
Volume 33 Numbers 1/2 (January/February)
  1. Sonja Feist-Price and Neena Khanna, " Employment Inequality for Women With Disabilities"
  2. Corbett Joan O'Toole, "1981-2002: How Women With Disabilities Have Changed the World"
  3. Laura Hershey, "Disabled Women Organize Worldwide"
  4. Tina Minkowitz, "United Nations: Toward A Convention on Disability?"
  5. Jennifer Robinson, "You Don't Look Sick"
  6. Sharon Wachsler, "How Not to Get An Article Published -or- We Laughed. We Cried. We Tried Not to Throw Up"
  7. Sharon Wachsler, "Pap Goes the Weezer"
  8. Laura Hershey, "Caregiver Advocates Miss the Point"
  9. Pat Israel, "Pro-Choice and Disabled: A Contradiction?"
  10. Vanessa McMullin, "'Normal' on the Outside"
  11. Sandra Hayes, "Unabled"
  12. Mary Kalyna and Claire Glasman, "Women with Disabilities Go On Strike!"
  13. Laura Matheson, "Defined By Disability"
  14. Michelle Leahy, "Dating is Hell on Wheels"
  15. Diane Kholos Wysocki "You Must be a Mutant: Only Men Can Have Bleeding Disorders --Not Women!"
Title: Sisterhood is Forever: The Women's Anthology for the New Millennium

Editor: Robin Morgan

Publisher: Washington Square Press (a division of Simon and Schuster), 2003

Description: With more than 60 essays, including one by internationally known disability rights activist and feminist Laura Hershey, this book is a composite mural of the female experience in America. The topics range from reproductive, health, and environmental, spirituality, the law, the media, and academia. The contributors span different generations, races, ethnicities, and sexual preferences. Each article celebrates the writer's personal voice while offering the latest data on women's status, political analysis, new "how-to" tools for activism, and visionary yet practical strategies for the future.

Laura's article, "Rights, Realities, and Issues of Women with Disabilities," covers some of the problems and issues facing disabled women, with an emphasis on disabled women's activist responses to those issues. It's a celebration of our resilience and creativity, as well as a report on our progress and ongoing challenges at this point in history.
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